Batten in the News


Every nonprofit dreams of a national morning show interview to help spread awareness about their mission.  Celebrity endorsements, Cosmopolitan articles and an exploding media presence are usually too much to hope for.  But that’s what happened this week.  The spotlight has been on our rare disease these last few days thanks to Kristen and Gordon Gray.  A few months ago, their daughters, Charlotte and Gwenyth, were diagnosed with CLN6, a rare form of Batten disease. Like so many families affected by this horrible disease, they are doing everything they can to save their kids.  In the Gray’s case, they are using their Hollywood connections to raise funds for research and we are so appreciative that their efforts have brought international attention to Batten disease.

The Grays called BBDF shortly after they received the diagnosis.   They were encouraged by our strategic approach and the research we are funding and through us could see the power of partnering in action.  Unfortunately, there are many forms of Batten disease.  While they share a name, all forms of Batten disease are different in terms of research and potential treatment options.  Currently there is promising research going on in all the forms, unfortunately there is no known cure for any of them.  How wonderful it would be to cure them all!

Awareness is an important part of our mission and the Grays took that to a new level this week.  Over the last 7 years, you too have used your talents and resources to help the Bensons and Herndons tell their stories, sharing juvenile Batten disease information with your friends and families and spreading the word far and wide.  We can never thank you enough. Keep up the good work! The foundation will continue to work with all related Batten disease groups where we have common research interests. And we urge you to please take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Grays to remind your communities why you care about this disease, BBDF and our mission.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns or new ideas that have been generated by the recent attention. Thank you for giving hope to kids like Christiane, Will, Charlotte and Gwenyth!

With gratitude,

Mary Beth Kiser
President and CEO

One thought on “Batten in the News

  1. Heather Sickelmore says:

    On a personal level, this is devastating news for the Gray family. Those of us parents who have had a child diagnosed with this disease have a good grasp of what they are going through. On the positive side though, this is a huge bonus for the Batten community as it will raise the profile of Battens disease with the general public and, hopefully, raise money for research. Lots of celebs have tweated about it – so all good for the ultimate goal – finding a cure for their girls and for all the other young people diagnosed with this hideous disease. Wishing them the best of luck.

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