BBDF attends Gordon Research Conference

BBDFLogoThis week, the Gordon Research Conference on Lysosomal Disease, is being held at the historic Hotel Galvez in Galveston, Texas. For over 75 years, GRC’s high-quality meetings have been recognized as the world’s premier scientific conferences, where leading investigators from around the globe discuss their latest work. Invited speakers will focus on recent discoveries in lysosomes, the cell’s recycling centers which are damaged in Lysosomal Diseases like juvenile Batten disease, disease progression, and the relationship of lysosomal diseases to other diseases. Connections between lysosomal diseases, adult forms of neurodegeneration like Parkinson’s Disease,  bone development, and cancer, provide us with important clues and potential drug targets across diseases. Beyond Batten Disease Foundation’s support contributes to the critical evaluation of recently collected data and what it means to treat juvenile Batten and other devastating Lysosomal Diseases.

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