My Perspective: Debbie Dovel

Chad Collage 2Brave Warrior

The day he was born the angels cried,
Knowing what life had in store
For this child God loaned us for a little while,
Twenty-four years and no more.

His name means “brave warrior”
Now, we know we chose it well
He faced every day with courage and a smile,
Getting back up every time that he fell.

We always knew he was too good for this world,
That one day God would call him home
His sweet spirit will forever live in our hearts,
But his body will never grow old.

He loved everyone and he wanted to stay,
Although each year, he lost more & more
He never lost the laughter that brought joy to all
Now he’s walking thru Heaven’s door,

With eyes that are seeing such beauty
And legs that are steady and strong,
He’s walking tall & proud,
Telling his stories to Jesus,
In a voice, now clear and loud.

He loved NASCAR and Junior,
And he was number 88’s biggest fan.
I’ll bet he’s sitting with Dale, Sr.,
In the best seats in the grandstand.

This year, he’ll finally be able to see Daytona
And watch the cars flying by,
Cheering for Junior with passion
From his home in the sky.

God called his name and he left us,
With so many tears to cry
He taught us so much about life,
And his memory will never die.

~Debbie Dovel
In honor of our son, Chad
6/3/89 – 2/9/14

*His favorite NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., actually won the Daytona 500 race on Feb. 23, 2014, exactly 2 weeks after the day Chad died.

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