Inspiring Jenyis: Tyler Allman

Last year Tyler’s brother, Ryan was elected to the Student Council. This year, the school began a new election process. Students would be nominated by their peers and then a points system would decide who served on Student Council. This year, not only was Ryan elected again, Tyler was also! Tyler had so many votes that he was nominated and elected with validity. It is evident his peers respect and love him. His mother, Heather Allman, wrote on Facebook, “Tyler may be terminal; but [he] lives his life to the fullest! Look how children can love and accept other children with a full heart!” Tyler is an inspiration to his community. While the school made sure his class had the proper amount of others elected as Tyler’s decision making may not be up to speed, we know he can fend for himself! Heather said, “this was a true first time of feeling “normal” with how I pictured my boys growing up and the things they would do together. The Allman Brothers both elected to Student Council! No discrimination because of having a disease! It gave my heart a “big-huge” smile! Batten disease doesn’t always win!”

Thank you for inspiring us and all those around you, Tyler!

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