Drs. Data and Ta-Da Head to Washington, D.C.

WhiteHouse copy

On June 3rd, Dr. Data and Dr. Ta-Da accompanied BBDF’s Dr. Kerkovich to Washington to attend the BIO briefing “The Untapped Potential of Advanced Modeling: How Animal Biotech Speeds Drug Development,” where Dr. Kerkovich, was invited to be a speaker and panelist.

BIO is the world’s largest association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and related organizations in the United States and 30 other countries. BIO members believe that one must continually adapt legislation in tune with emerging advances in medical research. Otherwise, dated legislation could limit discovery, create barriers to access, and delay treatment.

Drs. Danielle Kerkovich of BBDF, Jay Cormier of Hyman, Phelps and McNamara, and John Swart of Exemplar Genetics, discussed the remarkable potential of large animal models to accelerate research and development in juvenile Batten disease. Current models for juvenile Batten are poor indicators of human disease, making it difficult to draw conclusions that lead to therapy. As new Batten models emerge, some funded by BBDF, we need to ensure that legislation of their use results in widespread availability among both the academic and Pharmaceutical research communities.

In addition to the briefing, Drs. Kerkovich, Cormier, Swartz and Edwards from BIO met with congressional staffers for Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Steve Stivers of Ohio.

To read more about what Drs. Data and Ta-Da learned, visit Biotech’s website http://www.biotech-now.org/food-and-agriculture/2014/06/alliance-development-meets-animal-biotechnology#

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