JNCL Webinar, Part 1

In the summer of 2013, BBDF presented the first in what will be a series of webinars on JNCL designed for foundations, parents, family and loved ones of those affected by Batten. The webinars are a platform for us to share the latest information on juvenile Batten disease research and provide a forum for information sharing. This 30 minute webinar allows us to describe our strategy as it relates to finding a treatment and cure for juvenile Batten disease. We talk about the global efforts in JNCL research and how all the pieces fit together to get a treatment as quickly and inexpensively as possible. This first presentation gives a broad overview of our strategy and we will provide more detailed information in the webinars to follow.

Mark’s Story

Mark SchultzMark Schultz is a inspiring and promising researcher who recently graduated with his Ph.D. with the help of funding from Beyond Batten Disease Foundation (BBDF) and Batten Disease Support and Research Assocation (BDSRA). Schultz has and will continue to commit his career to finding a cure for Batten disease. Read Mark’s story:

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BBDF supports neurodegenerative disease resources

addf-access-logoBeyond Batten Disease Foundation has partnered with The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation to support the expansion of the ACCESS program. ADDF ACCESS connects academic and small biotech researchers seeking with contract research organizations that provide industry standard services for central nervous system indications. Improving the efficiency of interactions between these two groups will accelerate drug discovery programs, improve their quality and efficiency, increase the probability of success and attract pharmaceutical investors and partners.

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